Meadow Springs Primary School

The uniform shop will be open Monday 30th January 2.30pm to 5.00pm

Welcome back everyone

As you all know, the school will open for all students on the 1st February. There is still a lot of work being done but everything is coming together. We would like to invite parents/carers and students to come into the school on Monday 30th January between 4pm and 5pm for a tour around the school. We hope to have class lists available to look at but at this stage there will not be an opportunity to meet with the teachers. Other opportunities early in the term will become available for you to meet with your child’s classroom teacher. 


**Important information during the school holidays**

  • To order uniforms please use the form below and contact Drene Horn at Nell Gray on 9494 1700. Orders can be faxed to 9494 1400 or posted to Nell Gray Uniform Concepts, Unit 18/6 Quarimor Rd Bibra Lake WA 6163.
  • To purchase from the Student Personal Items List visit Tools for Schools at 2A Delmont Place, Greenfields or call 9581 9666.
  • To enrol a child download the enrolment form below and bring it to the school (which will be open on the new site at Bellerive Pass) on 23rd January, 2012 at 9.00am. Please remember to bring along immunisation details, birth certificate and proof of residency.
Enrolment.pdf Enrolment.pdf
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Uniform order.pdf Uniform order.pdf
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Meadow Springs Parent Information Book 2012.pdf Meadow Springs Parent Information Book 2012.pdf
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Kindergarten Timetable A Group.pdf Kindergarten Timetable A Group.pdf
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Kindergarten Timetable B Group.pdf Kindergarten Timetable B Group.pdf
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Welcome to our school, where educational and social development go hand in hand.

Our School

Our beautiful school includes state-of-the-art technology in all classrooms, age-appropriate play areas for children from kindergarten through to year 7. Meadow Springs Primary School will have specialist staff in the areas of Performing Arts, Science and Phys Ed. Our experienced, skilled teaching staff work together as a team to guide your child through his or her learning journey. 


The icon is made of multiple elements arranged in specific relationship to each other. Together they portray the core values and vision of Meadow Springs Primary School.

The icon consists of symmetrical radiating shapes derived from the flowers of Grevillea Olivacea. These elements form supportive pairs symbolising the school, the parents and the community. It also gives the sense of drawing in from below like children starting a new school and moving upwards through the school system, growing and evolving while gathering information, ideas and learning as they move forward.

The icon includes a grey shape on the left which is reminiscent of a kangaroo paw and is styled to reflect the upward growth of students - aspiring and reaching for their dreams as they grow out from the school environment.

The blue shape symbolises an ocean wave and flow of a natural spring which curls in and around a smaller grey shape representing the Education Support Centre within the school. The small shape also represents each child nurtured and protected as they learn.

The icon has a vibrant energy and sense of flow and movement with the elements representing the collaborative working and learning together attitudes of the school.

Bellerive Pass, Meadow Springs, WA

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